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CII's Indian Women Network (IWN): Beacuse Women Matter!

19-04-2013, 03:28 PM
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CII's Indian Women Network (IWN): Beacuse Women Matter!
CII has launched the Indian Women Network (IWN) just for wonderful, inspirational & ambitious women like you!

After working in the Industry for over several years, I have talked with hundreds of women from various walks of life and all any working woman wants to know is how to meet more qualified clients and customers. Women understand that they need to network, but many feel uncomfortable and lack confidence. This gave us the background that nationwide the problems of most working women are the same. They have the thirst to learn, ambition to grow, potential to promote themselves but lack proper guidance prevents them from moving forward.

CII’s IWN will be that informal, welcoming and effective networking model that all us professional women are always looking for! With IWN we are working towards helping women, help themselves by overcoming business fears, becoming effective & powerful communicators, helping them with them some great ways to grow their business or their profile in a company, teaching them new skills, even trying to crack the code of “breaking the glass ceiling” and “maintaining a good work-life balance”.

How are we different from other women networking forums? We cater to final year graduation students, entry level, middle management and senior management. Apart from regular informal meets (which would most definitely serve as a breather from monotony), the network will work towards a more imperative focus area of handholding & guiding the students & junior management, encouraging & mentoring the middle management and work towards supporting the senior management to grow further. We are not here just to preach but more importantly practice. It’s not just about experienced women teaching & sharing their views with you but also learning & being inspired by you! On the whole IWN is that one platform that will provide Motivation, Business Focused Ideas, New Skills & Opportunity Packed Networking. It’s an opportunity to share experiences, challenges and solutions. Whats more? IWN also welcomes women to join the online forum of IWN to voice your views, opinions & concerns.

You will want to join IWN if:
 You understand that you would build your business as you build lasting, meaningful relationships
 You like a comfortable environment to listen and be listened to as you share what you are passionate about
 You like to be mentored, inspired and coached toward success
 You like to meet a community of diverse women and learn about the industries they represent.
 You like to discover ways to make a difference in the lives of other women and your’s
 You like to position yourself as a leader who makes a difference in your community
 You like for people to know and trust you and your products or service you represent
 You are considering a career change, want to investigate options and network your way to success
 You would like to leave a networking event feeling happy, hopeful and optimistic because you have met interesting and caring like-minded women!
 Most importantly: You do not expect a girls’ club that’s exclusive and bashes men

Do share your feedback with us on what you think of this Women’s Networking Forum and your expectations from IWN. The network in not a one way communication, which is why we would love to hear your valuable feedback and implement them! Our IWN coordinators are always all ears to hear from you.

For more details on IWN and registration you may contact my colleague

IWN…Because Women Matter.

Look forward to meeting you and getting inspired!

Suchitra K Ella
Founding Chairwoman
Indian Women Network (IWN)

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