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Safety of Women in India

22-04-2013, 02:46 PM
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Exclamation Safety of Women in India
With the on-going battle on crime against women in India, time and again, we're coming across numerous cases of atrocities on women and children in our society. Post the president's assent on the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2013, a lot of cases have been coming into the light and the number just doesn't fails to stop. The latest being that of the brutal rape case of a 5-year-old in Delhi. Looking at the on-going protests across the city since past 2 days, I want to know what is it that our Government is waiting for? Do we have to remind them every time to take actions? Do we really need to protest every single time a woman or a child undergoes such gruesome situations? The justice remains long over-due! From what happened with Nirbhaya, I'm sure none of us really want the same to be the fate of this little girl. Nirbhaya battled with life till her last breath and wanted the people who destroyed her dignity to witness death. But none has been done to bring her justice. Also, there are millions throughout the country and world over who continue to silently fight for their lives, their dignity. Those voiceless are the victims of human trafficking. Shunned by their families or at times picked up by pimps and traffickers in return of a meager amount of money, they are brought to bigger cities. Some are sold to brothels for sex trade and prostitution while many are pushed into servitude and bonded labor. Don't you think that is another form of rape? All these women and children get in return of their services are life threatening diseases, multiple beatings by their owners & scars on their life and dignity for a lifetime.
It disgusts my mind, and I'm sure the same happens to you when you read and see such things happening around you. I think it's time when the sleeping Sid(s) in our government actually wake up and do things for which they have been made to sit in the positions they are in today.
Time for ACTION!
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26-04-2013, 03:25 PM
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RE: Safety of Women in India
I think women in India should unite and vote only to those political parties who improve girls/women's rights and conditions. Then the bureaucracy will be automatically geared towards betterment of women voters just like that of minority votes, ST, SC, OBC, caste based votes in India.
Our politicians are corrupt way beyond imagination. Issues like Nirbhaya's does not move them. If you peek into their private lives we'll ourselves be disgusted when we know the truth. I remember when big one sex racket was exposed in Ajmer - it was the same politicians who worked ceaselessly to drown it. It was the same case which happened in a city(I guess Jalgaon) in Maharastra. The politicians were all involved.

So with force we can't change those politicians!
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12-06-2014, 07:43 PM
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RE: Safety of Women in India
i TRULY agree with the fact that India isn't safe at all for women and young girls at all ...Every time a girl walks out of her house doesn't know if she will return home safe.She lives with fear every minute of her life with all the rapes n murders going on..India is become hell for women... Is this the independence in the life of women?
When India got independence i think it was for both men as well as women but the tide has turned i think women better start their protest ..Its high time now..
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